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Birthday Parties Again...

Every year the birthday parties start around March and it seems like we have one booked on the calendar every weekend until August. I have done my fair share of parties now for the last 7 years so I thought I would share some inspiration for you.

Let's start with last year and the infamous 2020 Corona Virus Drive-by Birthday...

Of course my sweet daughter who was turning 3 had no idea why we were sitting the front yard having her friends throw candy at her in a makeshift parade instead of celebrating at Chuck-e-Cheese like we were planning but all in all she had a great birthday.

A long time friend of mine, Shawn over at Tasty Chemistry made her amazing Rainbow cake, it was magical to say the least.

We just couldn't wait to cut into the cake and see what the inside looked and tasted like and let me say... it did not disappoint!

My daughter absolutely loved everything about this cake. It sure did make a pretty disappointing situation into a bright moment and memory.

She still asks to have another rainbow cake all the time.

It's hard to believe this was already 1 year ago and she will be turning 4 in just 2 short weeks. Stay tuned for her farm themed birthday post!

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